HCFA1500 (CMS1500) Professional Web Page Fees

A on-time setup fee $50.00. This fee includes customizing the web page to data that is specific to your needs such as:
  1. entering the CPT/HPCS and Modifier codes you need
  2. laying out the text for your insurance companies "red" 1500;
  3. having specific NPI #s, names and address information;
  4. placing hard coded text such as "Signature on file" in box #12.
  5. let us know of your specific needs we can implement most requests in a day
HCFA1500 (CMS1500) Form Output Annual fee
$150.00 500 copies
$750.00 5000 copies
$1000.00 50000 copies

To order CMS1500 Professional

Additional Services available.
Programming and design services (off-site) $65.00 per hour
For additional support options Support and Programming Calculator
Programming and design services (on-site) Our Toll Free Phone Number 1-888-666-5909
One month telephone support $75

All amounts in U.S. dollars.