OBOE - Open Business Objects for EDI
An EDI and XML Software Developer's Toolkit

Version 3.A

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I want you to become a successful EDI developer by using my EDI package. Get started press "Download Trial Version" --->

Imagine being able to create a complete EDI application starting on Monday and finishing by Tuesday. It's true and it happens to our customers using the OBOE package.

For instance, just recently a very large national bank primarily chose to use the OBOE package because of OBOE's low price. But when it came to create their application they were more impressed by OBOE's ease of use and quick development time. After just one week, they had a prototype program up and running that parses files with over 50,000 ACH transactions. The program produces an end-user report for each transaction - all from 14 different X12 versions (2002 through 5010). Here's the best news - the application runs in less than 8 minutes on a QuadProcessor Intel Windows machine... so another OBOE benefit...fast processing time.

And another recent for instance, a client needed to have an EDI parser translate 3050 and 3030 850 and 856 transactions and pass the information to ColdFusion. Using the OBOE package and our programming services the client had an application designed, tested and running with their ColdFusion server in less than 5 hours.

Do you want to see OBOE in action? Try it online with the EDI X12 Conversion servlet or HIPAA X12 Conversion servlet Or download the latest trial version. missing image

OBOE is an EDI and EDI/XML translator package for software developers

EDI Document Rules Engine - Reads in a XML and DTD file to build/parse an EDI Document or EDI/XML file.. Sample XML File.

EDI Translator - it parses an EDI document into Java objects. The objects are then used to interact with a GUI or database or some other process, e.g. a web page or batch program.

EDI/XML Translator - it parses an EDI/XML file into Java objects. The objects are then used to interact with a GUI or database or some other process, e.g. a web page or batch program.

Envelope builder - it takes the EDI Objects Java objects and builds an EDI document. The EDI document can then be sent via e-mail, to a VAN for transmission, transmitted using a proprietary message delivering system, print out and faxed... etc.

EDI Objects - each transaction set, table, segment data element is defined in a class. The classes defines business logic, relationship rules to other transaction sets, tables, segments and data elements, data element rules validation ... etc.

Advanced XML Parsing Technology (AXPT)

AXPT is a collection of programming techniques to improve the processing time and reduce system requirements for the XML parsers used by a computer system. OBOE uses the techniques of object serialization and object caching.

Object serialization is the process of storing XML objects after the parsing process in a data store. A package will use the serialized object instead of parsing the XML file only if the serialized object is newer than the XML file the object represents.

Object caching is the process of reusing XML files during runtime relieving the process of reloading a serialized XML object or parsing an XML file.

Add-on Classes PIXES - Programming Instructions XML, EDI & SQL

Using XML tags this programming language provides a SQL interface to inbound and outbound X12 messages. The package includes an interface that works with the openAS2 package.

PIXES is available to all current and future OBOE registered users.

You can download the Pixes for OBOE package

Additional Classes In Extended Edition

OBOEditor - creates EDI and EDI/XML transaction sets based on your transactionSetRules.dtd file. Maybe used by your small to medium size EDI partners to generate EDI and EDI/XML documents.

EDI Document Formatter and Browser - by utilizing the EDI Object classes with JAVA.AWT classes we've created a simple document browser. If you receive EDI documents in your mail then you can now look at them in a format that is easy to read. The mail program add-on is based on the RFC 1767 MIME Encapsulation of EDI Objects

Purpose and Goals

Provide an easy to use API for EDI and XML software developers.

Translate EDI Documents, X12 and EDIFact.

Define all X12 and EDIFact documents into a JavaTM classes. This is accomplished by using a rules based engine. The rules based engine is defined in XML document. The XML document along with methods defined in the EDI classes define how EDI and EDI/XML files are built and parsed.

Purchasing XML Rules Files

The trial version of the product comes with three XML rules based files (X12's 840 & 997, EDIFACT ORDER). You may need a rules file for other types of EDI documents.

X12 Documents, we can build you a generic rules file based on the 3030 4010, 5030 and other X12 versions.

EDIFact Documents, we can build you a generic rules file based on the D93A through D99A standards.

Customized X12 and EDIFact, we can build you rules file based on a specific Implementation Convention. There is an fixed set fee for the files and then a hourly service charge for the customization work.

Contact phone number is 1-919-846-2014 or email me at sales@am...


The price for rules files are as follows:

For all version it us (USD)$90,00 for each file.

The price structure repeats for every X12 or EDIFact version you purchase.

We can make rules file from SEF (Standard Exchange Format) files. If you or your trading partner have transaction sets defined in SEF we can build rules files for you. Contact us for more information.

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Release History

History Of Changes

External Requirements

Java Software Developers Kit (JDK)

Oracles's JDK http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java

IBM's JDK http://www.ibm.com/java

log4j Logging Package

log4j from Apache

XML Parser.

Package Has Been Tested Using

XERCES - The Apache Group's Java XML Parser

IBM's XML4J Parser

Crimson - An Outdated ApacheXML Parser

Testing Tools

JUNIT A great Java testing tool. Required for the sample test programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information look here.

How To Use Documentation

Click here to see the documentation as it now stands.

Java Docs

Documentation for OBOE API

Sample Editor Applet

Try a sample Java applet that edits an 840 document and creates X12 840 document and a EDIFAFCT ORDERS document
Requires installation of Oracle's Java Runtime Plug-in


Two useful sites for X12 information are:

American National Standards Institute

Data Interchange Standards Association.


For more information on UN/EDIFact United Nations Directories for Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport.

Obtaining the OBOE Binaries

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