HIPAA 4010 With OBOE

HIPAA is a pure subset of X12. But HIPAA uses different names to loops and segments and HIPAA has additional cross-segment editing. So for HIPAA the OBOE package contains more functionality to deal with the particulars of the HIPAA definitions.

In HIPAA loops have the exact same attributes but the attribute values are different from the pure X12N definitions. For example, the name of the loop may be different from the name of its first segment (In X12 a loop and its first segment usually use the same id). As such additional programming is done for these different naming values. And in OBOE the definitions are defined in its XML transaction set rules files; so the HIPAA package uses a different set of rules files for the different way HIPAA spells out the transaction.

The HIPAA specific design requires the OBOE package to recognize the segments that repeat but that are identified by different names. For instance, in X12 a segment may occur 7 times, but in HIPAA the same segment with the same ID will use a different name and occur multiple times at the same location. For example, in pure X12 the Segment DTP name repeats within its containers with the same name 'Date" but in HIPAA the same segment occurs multiple times using a unique name:

	name="Date - Admission" id="DTP"
	name="Date - Discharge" id="DTP"
	name="Date - Referral" id="DTP"
So the HIPAA package allows a program to search for a segment by its unique name, instead of searching by its non-unique name and its location within its container.

  • Try out the OBOE parser that works for HIPAA messages by using our HIPAA Test Tool. Simply point to a file on your machine containing a HIPAA message and choose one of several different outputs. HIPAA Testing Tool using OBOE.

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    What Comes in The HIPAA With OBOE Package

    Included Generic X12 004010 and Specific HIPAA rules files:
  • 270 - 004010, 004010X092 and 004010X092A1
  • 271 - 004010, 004010X092 and 004010X092A1
  • 275 - 004010, 004010X107
  • 276 - 004010, 004010X093 and 004010X093A1
  • 277 - 004010, 004010X093 and 004010X093A1
  • 278 - 004010, 004010X094 and 004010X094A1
  • 820 - 004010, 004010X061 and 004010X061A1
  • 834 - 004010, 004010X095 and 004010X095A1
  • 835 - 004010, 004010X091 and 004010X091A1
  • 837 - 004010
  • 837 Institutional - 004010X096 and 004010X096A1
  • 837 Dental - 004010X097 and 004010X097A1
  • 837 Professional - 004010X098 and 004010X098A1

    Requires either the OBOE Binary and Source Extended Versions

    Version License Price  
    3.0 Extended Binary $1695* Purchase Binary Package
    3.0 Extended Source $3795* Purchase Source Package

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