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Uses of IDListProcessor in com.americancoders.edi

Classes in com.americancoders.edi that implement IDListProcessor
 class IDList
          An class that represents ID lists OBOE - Open Business Objects for EDI Part of the OBOE Basic Extended Package
An EDI and XML Translator Written In Java
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 class IDList103Processor

Fields in com.americancoders.edi declared as IDListProcessor
protected  com.americancoders.edi.IDListProcessor EnvelopeFactory.currentIDListProcessor
          idList Processor
protected  com.americancoders.edi.IDListProcessor TransactionSetFactory.currentIDListProcessor
          id list processor

Methods in com.americancoders.edi that return IDListProcessor
 com.americancoders.edi.IDListProcessor TemplateDE.getIDList()
          gets the idListProcessor Object
 com.americancoders.edi.IDListProcessor TemplateSegment.getIDListThatPrevalidates()
          returns the idlist that allows for prevalidation used by OBOECodeGenerator

Methods in com.americancoders.edi with parameters of type IDListProcessor
 void TemplateDE.setIDList(com.americancoders.edi.IDListProcessor inIdList)
          sets the idList Object

Constructors in com.americancoders.edi with parameters of type IDListProcessor
TemplateDE(java.lang.String inID, java.lang.String inName, int inSequence, java.lang.String inType, char inRequired, java.lang.String inDesc, int inMinLength, int inMaxLength, java.lang.String inXMLTag, com.americancoders.edi.IDListProcessor inIDList, com.americancoders.edi.IContainedObject inParent, int inOccurs, boolean inUsed)
          constructs the Data Element type

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