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Packages that use IDataTokenizer

Uses of IDataTokenizer in com.americancoders.edi

Classes in com.americancoders.edi that implement IDataTokenizer
 class BinaryTokenizer
 class DataTokenizer
          class to assist in tokenizing input transaction sets
similar to the java.lang.StringTokenizer.
 class ReaderTokenizer
          Tokenizes from a Reader Object

Fields in com.americancoders.edi declared as IDataTokenizer
protected  com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer Tokenizer.transactionSetTokenizer
          StringTokenizer data contents
protected  com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer Tokenizer.currentTokenizer
          String current tokenizer

Methods in com.americancoders.edi that return IDataTokenizer
 com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer ITokenizer.getNextSegment(com.americancoders.edi.SegmentContainer inSegContainer)
          gets the next DataTokenizer object
 com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer ITokenizer.resetSegment()
          reset for look ahead
 com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer ITokenizer.makeSubfieldTokenizer()
          turn the current tokenizer into a subfield tokenizer
 com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer Tokenizer.getNextSegment(com.americancoders.edi.SegmentContainer inSegContainer)
          returns the next segment to be parsed
 com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer Tokenizer.resetSegment()
          resets the current segment to the beginning - an inverse look-ahead method
 com.americancoders.edi.IDataTokenizer Tokenizer.makeSubfieldTokenizer()
          returns a subfield tokeinzer

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