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Uses of TemplateLoopContainer in com.americancoders.edi

Subclasses of TemplateLoopContainer in com.americancoders.edi
 class TemplateLoop
          class for Template Loops a general class for the segment loops.
 class TemplateTable
          class for Template Tables a general class for the transaction set's heading detail and summary.

Fields in com.americancoders.edi declared as TemplateLoopContainer
protected  com.americancoders.edi.TemplateLoopContainer TransactionSetFactory.currentLoopContainer
          current container for segments either a table or segments

Methods in com.americancoders.edi that return TemplateLoopContainer
 com.americancoders.edi.TemplateLoopContainer LoopAndSegmentContainer.getTemplateLoopContainer()
          returns the template loop container

Methods in com.americancoders.edi with parameters of type TemplateLoopContainer
 void LoopAndSegmentContainer.setTemplateLoopContainer(com.americancoders.edi.TemplateLoopContainer inTLC)
          sets the template loop container

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