DTD For Validating XML Created EDI Documents

<?xml encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <!-- OBOE release 3.0.0 --> <!-- used by ValidXMLEDIParse --> <!ELEMENT envelope (segment+, functionalgroup+, segment+)> <!ATTLIST envelope format (X12 | EDIFact) #REQUIRED > <!ELEMENT functionalgroup (segment?, transactionset+, segment?)> <!ELEMENT transactionset (table+)> <!ATTLIST transactionset code CDATA #REQUIRED name CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT table (loop?, segment?)*> <!ATTLIST table section CDATA #REQUIRED > <!ELEMENT loop (loop?, segment?)*> <!ATTLIST loop code CDATA #REQUIRED name CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT segment (composite?, element?)*> <!ATTLIST segment code CDATA #REQUIRED name CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT composite (element)+> <!ATTLIST composite code CDATA #REQUIRED name CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT element (#PCDATA | value)*> <!ATTLIST element code CDATA #REQUIRED name CDATA #IMPLIED > <!ELEMENT value (#PCDATA)> <!ATTLIST value description CDATA #IMPLIED >
  1. envelope - contains segments and functional groups.
  2. functionalgroup contains segments and transaction sets
  3. transactionset contains 1 to 3 tables
  4. table contains 1 or more segments or loops
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