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SEF File Converter

This Will Create A ZIP File Containing the XML File

Specify SEF file
  • At the present time only the first set in the SETS section is converted.
  • The servlet should return a zip file containing
    1. the XML file for the EDI message
    2. multiple XML file for each ID code/value pair list.
    3. the DTD file for verifying the EDI XML message.
    4. the DTD file for verifying the ID element list definitions.
  • Processing stops at the first error in the SEF file. The error message is terse and cryptic. Please send all error messages to services @ americancoders. com for further explanation.
  • The TEXT elements of the SEF file are ignored at this time.
  • Segment and fields names are generated from the segment id.
Last updated: Thursday, January 02, 2014

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